Unlike any other nation, Rohingya people also have their own sports and games. These sports are usually held during summer and winter.

Among them “Boli Khela”, (wrestling) is the most popular game amongst Rohingya. History says, many Rohingya Bolis (wrestlers) helped allied forces during the Resistance Movement against Japanese for the Independence of Burma.The sport Boli Khela is held in villages across Maungdaw and Buthidaung. “Alihaung Boli Khela” is very famous amongst the people where Rohingyas from far away comes to enjoy the event. Hawtu (Haji Kalilur Rahman) Boli, Shuna Ali Boli, Yusuf Boli, Rostum Boli, Ulu Boli are some of the famous Bolis of Mayu Frontiers. Usually Boli Khela is held in the afternoon. After the sport “betayli geet (local songs)” are performed – a tradition which has been passed for many years.

Another famous sport of Rohingyas is “Boat Racing also known as Ghari/Gáñthi Khela”. Usually 10 to 20 rowers participates on a boat which is wider than modern rowing boat.

Some of the other popular sports are Qundha Kéla (weight lifting with big round stone), Dhu Dhu Khela, Dan Khela ( similar to Cricket), Bowadi Khela, Molfat Khela (similar to Chess), Doóp Marani Khela (Diving and Swimming) and Paddy Transplanting Competition.

Paddy Transplanting Competition is also popular amongst Rohingyas. There is a traditional song for paddy transplanting which is sung during the event. Buffalo fighting is another sport where Rohingyas gather from villages to enjoy sport. In this event the participants (buffalo owners) have to serve Bini Bhath (Sticky rice) and Doh Pira (Rice cake) to the viewers.

Youngsters of both genders are also very keen in playing various games such as Bosgya Buri Khela (Bag Jumping), Saws Sa Rani Khela (Slippering), Kut Kut Khela (Hopscotch), Rosi Fal Doní Khela (Rope Jumping), Moól Khela (a kind of Bounding crossing), Gíla Khela (Monkey Ladder Bean Throwing).


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