Authority harass Rohingya for Greenlight Card process in Maungdaw

Maungdaw authority- Border guard police, police, Military intelligent, Special Branch and local administration officer- are harassing Rohingya elders  in Aley Than Kya (Hashurata)  since August 9 for refusing to join Greenlight Card process, said Halim, a Human Rights Watchdog from Maungdaw.
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Playing with color of cards

By Aman Ullah

“Citizenship is a basic right for it is nothing less than the right to have right,” Earl Warren, former U S Supreme Court Justice.

For over 800 years, from 1044 to 1885, the Burmese lived under an absolute monarchy. All legislative, executive and judicial powers were concentrated in the hands of the monarch. Justice was administered by issuing royal commands. As the loyal subject of the kings, the people needed to surrender all their wills at feet of the kings. They had neither rights nor liberties nor a say in the affairs of the state.
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Is Myanmar playing politics with the White Cards?

By Dr. Habib Siddiqui

In early February this year, the Myanmar parliament approved a proposal by President Thein Sein to allow people with temporary identification “white cards,” most of whom were Rohingya, to vote on a referendum on constitutional amendments to the country’s junta-backed constitution, which could come as early as May. Obviously, as most keen observers would tell you the government measure was a face-saving one under international pressure and never meant in intent and purpose.
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BGP seizes white cards in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Burma’s Border Guard Police (BGP) has been seizing white cards from Rohingya people while travelling within the Township since February 12 in Maungdaw Township, said Nasim (not real name) for security reason.  Continue reading “BGP seizes white cards in Maungdaw”

Too early to say for white card issue: ARNO president

Nurul Islam, the president of ARNO (Arakan Rohingya National Organization) said it is too early to comment) about the announcement of white card by President Thein Sein.White card is automatically invalid from 31 March 2015. The announcement says nothing about issuing other identity cards in place of white cards, or in case of issuing what type of cards.  Continue reading “Too early to say for white card issue: ARNO president”