Camp police severely beat three refugee women

Three Rohingya refugee women were severely beaten up in the camp by the camp police of Nayapara official camp on May 2, in the evening, Kamal Hussain from the Nayapara camp said.
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Diarrhea affects Burmese refugee camps

Diarrhea, fever and stomach’s pain are affecting the Rohingya refugee children at Bangladesh-Burma border recently, Zaffar Ullah, a community health worker from the camp said.
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Water crisis in Bangladesh refugee camps

Burmese Rohingya refugees have been facing an acute water crisis in Nayapara official and unregistered Leda (Tal) camps recently, Hussain Ahamed, a refugee from Nayapara camp said.
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Rohingya Refugees unwilling to move to a shoal

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Official registered Burmese Rohingya refugees from Nayapara and Kutupalong camps are unwilling to move to a shoal at Hatia Island in Noakhali from the Cox’s Bazar district for lack of live security afraid because of lives safety, Saiful Islam, a Rohingya community leader said from refugee camp.  Continue reading