25 dead bodies found in Naff river

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Over 25 dead bodies of Rohingya have been recovered from the Naff river by the Bangladesh Coastguards and police since October 8, who drowned after their boat capsized in the entry point of Shapuridip, Kamal Uddin from Shappuri Dip said. Continue reading

Rohingya fishermen severely tortured by Burmese Navy

Twenty Rohingya fishermen were arrested and severally beaten up by a Burmese Navy in Maungdaw south on April 11, while fishing in the sea, Nir Ahmed, a fisherman Kalil from Maungdaw said.
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Nine boats pushed back to Burma

Teknaf, Bangladesh:  Bangladesh border guard (BGB) pushed back nine rowing boats along with carrying Rohingya migrant to Burma on December 8, Abdul Majid, a local from Teknaf.
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BGP abducts two Bangladeshi fishermen

Teknaf, Bangladesh:  Burmese Border Guard Police (BGP) abducted two Bangladeshi fishermen from the Naff River on December 7, while fishing in Bangladesh territorial waters, Nir Ahamed, a local fisherman from Teknaf said.

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Breaking News :100 Rohingya families stuck on Naf River bank in Maungdaw

More than 100 Rohingya families had stuck at Mingalagyi creek on Naf River bank since November 12, after attacked by Burmese military with helicopter-gunship to unarmed civilian in Maungdaw north, according to Hamid Hussin, a watchdog for recent situation of Maungdaw.
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BGP arrests three Bangladeshi fishermen from the Naff River

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Border Guard Police of Burma (BGP) arrested three Bangladeshi fishermen from the Naff River on November 2, while fishing there, Korim, a fisherman from Teknaf said.
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