Save Rohingyas, nowhere to go

By Huson Salm

Zero tolerance dubbed puppet President U Thein Sein had promised many times international community to handle justly, impartially and honestly the local communal problems ‐‐ mostly between radical Buddhists and innocent Muslims—such kinds at most have remarkably been since his first inauguration as president in history.

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ARNO’S Protest to Myanmar National Human Rights Commission’s Statement No. (2/ 2014)

Arakan Rohingya national Organization
Arakan, Burma


ARNO’S Protest to Myanmar National Human Rights Commission’s Statement No. (2/ 2014)

Date: 19/02/2014

ARNO has strongly condemned the statement No. (2/2014), dated 14 February 2014, of the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission regarding the incident at the Ducheeratan (Du Chee Yar Tan) village tract in Maungdaw township of Rakhine/Arakan State. It is a bias report devoid of truth, based on racial and religious discrimination.
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Du Chee Yar Tan massacre

By Nurul Islam

Du Chee Yar Tan popularly known as Kilaidong is a village 6 miles south of the border town of Maungdaw in Burma’s Arakan/Rakhine State. It is a farming society with about 4000 Rohingya people. During recent years a Buddhist Rakhine settler village with a police outpost was established alongside the Rohingya settlement.

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Rakhine set on fire Du Chee Ya Tan: eyewitness

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The blaze which occurred in Du Chee Ya Tan ( Kila Dong)  on January 29, at about 8:30pm was systematically planned and the Rakhine from Kharaymine Natala village with police jointly set on fire, said Ms.Laila Begum who informed Maungdaw police chief.
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Set fire to Du Chee Ya Tan, loots belongings

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Du Chee Ya Tan (Kila Dong) was set on fire yesterday night at about 8:30 pm, nobody knows how it burned, said Annis from the village.
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Du Chee Ya Tan’s looted goods sell in Maungdaw market

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  The looted goods from Du Chee Ya Tan (Kila Dong) are selling In Maungdaw market- central market, Three miles market and six mile market- since January 25, said Mohamed Harrass, a trader from Maungdaw central market.
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Authority remove security forces and Rakhine from Kila Dong before inquiry commission visit

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Maungdaw high level authority –  U Aung Myint Soe, district administration officer, U kyi san, Township administration officer, Lt.Col. U Shwe Than, district police officer and Colonel Tin Ko Ko, Hluntin director- had removed today evening the security forces and Rakhine – Natala villagers- who were surrounding Kila Dong (Du Cheeradong) before the inquiry commission visit the village, said an officer from Maungdaw who denied to name. Continue reading