Sri Lanka coastguard rescues 30 Rohingya from the sea

Sri Lanka coastguard rescued 30 Rohingya refugees with an Indian vessel which entered Sri Lanka water territorial on April 30, according to Sri Lanka Navy.
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Magnitude-6.8 earthquake hits near India-Myanmar-Bangladesh border

6.8-strong a pre-dawn moderate earthquake originating in the Indian state of Manipur has shaken Bangladesh, northeast India, and Myanmar on January 4 at 5:05 am (Bangladesh standard Time)- making sleeping people jump out of their bed and rush out of their home, according United News of Bangladesh (UNB).
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NHRC’s notice to state government of Tamil Nadu over Burmese refugees

The National Human Rights Commission of India has issued notice to the Chief Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu and Commissioner of police, Chennai calling over alleged harassment of refugees from Burma, according to NHRC press release on September 7. Continue reading