Flood damages fodder, farmers face trouble to feed the cattle

Cattle farmers in Buthidaung Township are in trouble as recent flood – 4th  to 10th  July, damaged fodder for continuous heavy rain in the areas, said Petan Ali, a villager from Thinganet village of Taung Bazar of Buthidaung north.
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Breaking News: June 28, 2012

Rathedaung Township:

Twenty two villagers were arrested from Anukpin village of Rathedaung Township earlier and on June 27, again 60 villagers were arrested from the said village by army and Nasaka. After arrest, they were sent to Rakhine villages where they were tortured severally by Rakhine villagers. After that, they were sent to Akyab. The fate of the arrested villagers is not known to their relatives. The village has about 1000 houses, of them, 60 houses were burned down by Rakhines with the help of army and Nasaka though they have responsibility to give security of the Rohingya villagers, said a villager from Rathedaung on condition of anonymity.
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