Army helicopters conduct air-strikes on Rohingya villages

Burmese two army helicopters were conducting air-strikes on Rohingya villages of Maungdaw north on November 12, at about 3:45pm which made civilian casualties are frighteningly on the increase, a villager Shobbir said from the locality.
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Breaking News: Maungdaw Juma Mosque shop line on fire

Fire started from first floor of Nurul Huda shop from Maungdaw Juma Mosque shop line at 8:40 pm, on May 12 and no Rohingyas were allowed to save their shops and lives from the shop line, according to eyewitness near the accident.
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28 houses, one mosque and one Madrasa burnt down in Buthidaung

Buthidaung, Arakan State:  28 houses, one mosque and one Madrasa were burnt down into ashes on April 2, at about 10: 30pm, at Dapine Saya village of Buthidaung Township, Arakan State, said Hamid Hussion, a villager who is eyewitness from the village. Continue reading

Rakhine set on fire Du Chee Ya Tan: eyewitness

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The blaze which occurred in Du Chee Ya Tan ( Kila Dong)  on January 29, at about 8:30pm was systematically planned and the Rakhine from Kharaymine Natala village with police jointly set on fire, said Ms.Laila Begum who informed Maungdaw police chief.
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