Sri Lanka coastguard rescues 30 Rohingya from the sea

Sri Lanka coastguard rescued 30 Rohingya refugees with an Indian vessel which entered Sri Lanka water territorial on April 30, according to Sri Lanka Navy.
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Nearly 150,000 Yaba tablets seized at Sant-Martin Island

Teknaf, Bangladesh: At around 150,000 pieces of Yaba tablets were seized from a fishing boat by the Bangladesh Coastguards of Sant-Martin Island yesterday morning, Lalu Majee, a fisherman named Sayed from Saint-Martin Island said.
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Bangladesh Coastguard arrests 21-Burmese fisherman at Bay of Bengal

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Bangladesh Coastguard arrested 21-Burmese fisherman along with a fishing engine boat from the Bay of Bengal nearby Sant-Martin Island recently, Dilu, a local from Sant-Martin Island said. Continue reading

14-Rohingya arrested at Bangladesh-Burma border

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Bangladesh Coastguards arrested 14 Rohingyas from different entry points of Bangladesh- Burma border and handed over to Teknaf police station on October 21, Didar, a local from Teknaf town said. Continue reading

Drugs smugglers change new route for restriction and tight security of Burma-Bangladesh border area

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh:  The drugs smugglers were now selecting for waterways to transport the drug to Bangladesh instead of land routes for  restriction of Burma-Bangladesh border area – especially Teknaf, a border Town and main entry point of drugs from Burma to Bangladesh, said Bangladesh Coast Guard officer Mahfuzul Islam.  Continue reading

10 boat-people held while going to Malaysia

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Members of Bangladesh Coastguard detained 10 people –possibly traffickers or boat drivers of Burma – from the Bay of Bengal near Saint Martin’s Island while going to Malaysia with rickety boat on May 20, according to official of Coastguard of Saint Martin.
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Huge Yaba tablets seized at Burma-Bangladesh border

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Members of Bangladesh Coast Guard seized huge contraband Yaba tablets from Burma-Bangladesh border area early yesterday which were being smuggled to Bangladesh from Burma, Hossain, a local from Teknaf Town said. Continue reading