Army and Border security force seized cattle in Maungdaw

The Burmese army and Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) seized many cattle from Rohingya villages on November 26, and brought to BGP headquarters of Kyigan Pyin (Kawar Bill) village of Maungdaw north, a village elder Dolil from Maung Nama village said.
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Burmese cattle come Bangladesh for Qurbani – sacrificial festival

Burmese cattle and Buffaloes are recently being brought to Bangladesh from Burma with trawlers through Shapuri Dip corridor for Qurban – sacrificial festival (Eid-ul-Azah) by cattle traders, said Mojib Ullah from Shapuri Dip.
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BGP collects tolls from cattle in Maungdaw

Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) are collecting tolls from the cattle, which are being brought to sell in the local markets before Eid-ul-Adha or Qurbani (animal sacrifice festival) day, Mohin from Maungdaw said.

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Flood damages fodder, farmers face trouble to feed the cattle

Cattle farmers in Buthidaung Township are in trouble as recent flood – 4th  to 10th  July, damaged fodder for continuous heavy rain in the areas, said Petan Ali, a villager from Thinganet village of Taung Bazar of Buthidaung north.
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No Burmese cattle in Bangladesh

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Burmese cattle are not being exported to Bangladesh from Burma through the transit point of Shapuridip recently because of high price and also the Bay of Bengal is very rough, Kamal, a cattle trader from Shapuridip said.
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Burmese cattle enter Bangladesh ahead of Qurbani

Huge Burmese cattle have been coming to Bangladesh with trawlers from Burma through Shapuri Dip corridor a head of Qurban (Eid-ul-Azah) by cattle traders, said Habi Ullah from Shapuri Dip.
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Burmese cattle come to Bangladesh

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Burmese cattle and buffalos are being brought to Bangladesh from Burma by a group of cattle traders from Burma and Bangladesh recently, Nurul Islam, a local trader from Teknaf said.

Burmese livestock entry port of Sharpuridip

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