Landmine blast on Bangladesh-Myanmar border kills Rohingya refugee

A Rohingya refugee has been killed in a landmine explosion along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border, Bangladesh officials said on September 3, 2019.

Landmine blast area

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Rohingya migrant woman give birth a baby on the way to Bangladesh

Teknaf, Bangladesh:  A pregnancy Rohingya migrant woman gave birth a baby at Fuler Dale area under Nilla, Teknaf police station, after crossing the Burma-Bangladesh border on December 25, said Hussain Juhar, a local from Nilla.
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New arrival Rohingya migrants feel insecurity in Bangladesh

New arrival Rohingya migrants are feeling insecurity in Bangladesh because they have no shelter, food, clothing and medical care in proper way, Shakera Bibi said who fled to Bangladesh from Burma.
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The Rohingya – children of a ‘lesser’ God!

By Habib Siddiqui

On Saturday, December 10, 2016, the Guardian ran a story on two Rohingya women, Noor Ayesha and Sayeda Khatun.

“Noor Ayesha held her last surviving daughter tight as their boat crossed into Bangladeshi waters. She left behind a firebombed home, a dead husband, seven slain children and the soldiers who raped her,” wrote the Guardian.
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BGP abducts two Bangladeshi fishermen

Teknaf, Bangladesh:  Burmese Border Guard Police (BGP) abducted two Bangladeshi fishermen from the Naff River on December 7, while fishing in Bangladesh territorial waters, Nir Ahamed, a local fisherman from Teknaf said.

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BGB push back more Rohingya to Burma

Teknaf, Bangladesh: The Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) arrested and pushed back more than 400 Rohingyas to Burma from November 1 to 29, according to BGB officials.
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BGB chief visits at Bangladesh-Burma border

Teknaf, Bangladesh: The Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Chief visited along the Bangladesh-Burma border and observed the situation of Rohingya influx into Bangladesh from Burma on November 25, according to BGB officials.
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