Authority harass Boatpeople in temporary camp in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  The concerned authority – look after the boat people in the temporary camp in Meetike and Taungpyo under Maungdaw Township – are harassing while they were performing  their religious duties and female boatpeople were threaten with pretending like ghost, according to Halim, a Human Rights watch dog from Maungdaw.
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Rohingya situation of Burma hearing in Morocco Parliament

Morocco Parliament heard about recent situation of Rohingya from Arakan, Burma on June 1 by inviting  Tun Khin – a Rohingya activist and the president of Burmese Rohingya Organization UK (BROUK) , according to BROUK information desk.


Tun Khin delivery speech in Morocco Parliament
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Two Rohingyas found in repatriated Bangladeshi boatpeople

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh:  On June 9, two Rohingyas have been found among 150 people, identified as ‘Bangladesh nationals’ who were brought back from Burma after being investigated, according to Detective Branch (DB) of Cox’s Bazar.
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BGP handovers 150 rescued boat people to BGB

Taungpyo, Maungdaw: Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) handed over 150 Bangladeshi rescued boatpeople to the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) at Taungpyo border point after a flag meeting at Dekibania (Burma) on June 8, around 10:00 am, said BGB official.


Flag meeting for Boatpeople  in Taungpyo, Maungdaw
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Authority remove Rohingyas from us: Bangladeshi Boat people

The Boat people who were rescued from floating and stranded in the sea near Maungdaw claimed Burmese authority took away Rohingyas from their boat since May 19 night, said Bangladeshi boat people who were shift from Aley Than Kyaw, Maungdaw south to Taung Pyo, Maungdaw north on May 25.
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BGB postpones sending team to Burma

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has postponed sending a team to Burma to bring back rescued Bangladeshi boatpeople and asked Burmese government for a detailed list of boatpeople with their identities, according to BGB sources. Continue reading

The genuine humanitarian spirit of Filipinos

By Aman Ullah

“You save one’s soul, you save humanity”, A great Filipino

Thousands of Rohingya migrants remain stranded in the Andaman Sea, while authorities around the region refuse to take them in. Continue reading