Army continuously carrying out mass arrest in northern Arakan

Maungdaw Arakan State:  The Burmese army and border Guard Police (BGP) jointly have been continuously carrying out mass arrests of the Rohingya civilians in Maungdaw and Rathedaung Townships, a trader Mozemmal from Balu Khali said.
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The Rohingya genocide – no longer a myth

By Habib Siddiqui

A genocide is taking place against the Rohingyas of Myanmar. It has been an on-going ethnic cleansing national program in this Buddhist-majority country to erase Muslim presence soon after Burma emerged as an independent state.
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94 villagers arrested on suspects Militants at Maungdaw

94 villagers were arrested by army on suspicion, members from an alleged Rohingya armed group from six villages of Maungdaw north on November14 and 17, a villager Maroof said from Grat Chaung village.
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