Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Security forces- Army and Hluntin- had tortured severely for claiming their ethnicity as Rohingya today at Phaung see (Taunggul) under Tamanthar village tract, according to an elder from the village ( declaim to say the name for security reason).
The census processing group –enumerators, supervisor, Army and Hlunti- entered the village at 8:00am and the security forces called all the villagers to gather in front of school without conducting the census by visiting house by house according to the rule of census, the elder said.

The Army officer from security forces – station near the village and belong to Battalion number 536 – asked the villagers what they want to write in their ethnicity in the census forms. All the villagers said they want Rohingya as their ethnicity in the column race with number of 914, then the officer pulled out two Rohingya and asked again their ethnicity where they replied same before. The security officer started beating them until the two Rohingya become senseless and kept them inside the school, said another villager who is the eyewitness.

The information spread to all media and other areas which compiled the officer to release the two Rohingya later. The officer planned to file a case of attacking the census processing group, so the security forces defended to save the group, said a close aide of Army.

The two Rohingya are –Hafaz Ahmed and Syed Ahmed. Syed Ahmed was in serious condition and the villagers sent to him to the Taungbroo medical center to save his live, said a closed relative of Syed Ahmed.


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