Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Police personnel of Maungdaw Town station looted Kyat 150,000 from a shopkeeper while going to bus station on December 27, at around 3:00pm, said Mohin from the locality.   The shopkeeper is identified as— Khalu (30), son of Lukman Hakim, hailed from Ghora Khali village of Mint Hlut village Tract of Maungdaw south, he more added.

Khalu went to Maungdaw Town to buy some goods for his shop on December 27, morning. After buying goods for his shop, at about 3:00pm, he was going to bus station by a rickshaw which is one mile far away from market. When he reached near the Maungdaw general hospital, a group of police stopped the rickshaw and searched his body, a close friend of the victim said on condition of anonymity.

“You are listed in criminal that you had involved in clashes of Rakhine and Rohingya in 2012,” said the police officer after search, the close friend more added.

Police demanded huge money for his release, but he refused that he was not involved in the clashes and also he was not listed, said the close friend more added.

However, police found Kyat 150,000 in his pocket and forcibly took the money, and later on, he was released in the evening, according to Azam from the village.


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