Letter from Rohingya

Mohiuddin Yusof, the president of New York based Rohingya Concern International (RCI) has urged the worldwide Rohingya people – organizations and leaders – to pledge which will never allow anybody to endanger the existence of  Rohingya community in Arakan yesterday.

“Let us pledge that we will never allow anyone to endanger our existence as a moderate, tolerant and peaceful minority ethnic people in Arakan state where political choices will be made by the peaceful dialogue and reconciliation with the Rakhine community. Its leaders for the greater interest of both Rakhine and Rohingya people in the future,” Mohuiuddin said in a massage to overseas Rohingya community.

We need to persuade the Rakhine leaders to come to the right path and accept the ground reality of the Rohingyas who are the natives of the Arakan region, failure to bring the Rakhine leadership for peaceful negotiation should be recorded and alternative course of self defence for survival under the chapter of the right of self-determination as per UN Resolution / Charter would be left only option for Rohingyas, Mohuiuddin said.

The need for clarity of purpose and Rohingya-Rakhine unity to achieve it is, therefore, even greater, paying homage to our sons and daughters who were killed by the extremist Rakhine Mob attack since 2012, he said.

He added and emphasized the need for reviving the spirit of unity among all Rohingya organizations and urged the Rohingya masses and Rohingya leaders to form a people Representative leadership and platform representing all shades of opinion and join hands in standing behind the current life and death crises of Rohingyas in Arakan, Myanmar.

Myanmar as the dark forces of extremism, militancy and sectarianism supported by the President Thein Sein Government have posed a far too serious challenge to the integrity and survival of the Rohingya nation in our ancestral homeland.


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