Buthidaung township administration office, Drug Enforcement Agency and custom had seized more than 1.04 million Yaba tablets from a Rakhine woman who was coming with Akyab bound boat – Aung Thu Hinn – to Buthidaung on December 31, 2015, said an officer from Buthidaung who denied to be name.

Yaba in Aung Thu Hinn boat at Buthidaung jetty,  Photo: Police

The team searched the boat with information that a Rakhine woman was carrying Yaba tablets with Aung Thu Hinn boat, found huge amount of Yaba with her. The team again search a store ( godown) in Dah Ywa, block number 1, Maungdaw, after investigated the Rakhine woman.  The team also seized  0.3666 million yaba. The store was belong to Saw waie, according to officer.

The team total seized 1.466 million yaba tablets in Maungdaw and Buthidaung, the officer more added.

The Rakhine woman was the wife of San Win , who is the brother of  Nyo Htun- the number 4 block admin officer, Maungdaw. Nyo Htun is now staying in Yangon and San win is staying in Akyab (sittwe) and San win’s wife is carrying Yaba from Akyab via Buthidaung to Maungdaw. In Maungdaw, Htun Myint Naing son of Wae Tha Maung, control all the Yaba and distributed to Bangladesh through their agent, said a drug peddler from Maungdaw, who denied to be named.

Yaba with arrested Saw Waie in Maungdaw Photo: Police

This is a ring circle of bringing Yaba to Maungdaw by many ways. Most the drug -yaba – was bring to Maungdaw with motor vehicles which they show the authority that they were bringing motor from Yangon to Maungdaw, the drug peddler said.

The drug lords – San Win has  3 surf car and recently arrived one mini bus; Htun Myint Naing has 2 surf car and one truck using in transport  from Buthidaung to Maungdaw and Nyo Htu has 4 surf car, according to Maungdaw motor vehicles association.

Most of the drug trafficker used to bring their drug with vehicles which was brought from Yangon and the authority are also involved in these drug trafficking which made  most young generation as drug addict, said Halim, a Human rights watchdog from Maungdaw.


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