Maungdaw, Arakan State: U Kyi San, the Maungdaw Township admin officer threatened the village admin officers of border police area number 6 today morning to give sign paper not to demand Rohingya as ethnicity in the census processing, said Halu , a village admin office member.
U Kyi San with security force officers went to the border police area number 6, where he called the 11- villages’ admin officers to gather in the area office where he ordered to known all 11-villages will follow his ordered – not to demand the Rohingya as ethnicity in the race column and to take Bengali or keep the column blank. The Township admin officer asked the 11- villages’ admin officers to give him sign paper tomorrow, the Halu said.

The villagers of 11-villages are giving the word to their village admin officers to inform Maungdaw Township admin that the villagers will joint in the census process when census processing group will write Rohingya on the Race column, in the forms, said Hakhim, a student who is also a person to protest to sign in the order of Maungdaw township admin officer.

The Maungdaw local authority are trying to join the Rohingya in the process of census by threaten, organizing with their collaborators, and using their colleague to fill as per their program – Bengali or blank, said Halim, a Human Rights Watchdog from Maungdaw.

Three Rohingya-Jafor and his wife, Osman both are son of Aabas from Shwezarr village and collaborators of authority and business parter-  jointed in the census process with giving their ethnicity as Bengali and two other female who father and forth father were Rakhine, had given as their ethnicity  Rakhine Muslim, Halim said.

According to census law, nobody shall threaten, insist, and tempt the respondent causing to answer incorrectly against the willing. Maungdaw township admin officer is violated the law, but no boy is taking action against him. Similarly, the Article 17/a also said no supervisor or enumerator shall deny or deny omit to carryout assigned duty, but, all the supervisor or enumerator violated to write the words of Rohingya ethnicity in the census process, who will be responsible  UNFPA or Burmese government, Halim more added.

The 11 villages are –Pin Pre. Poungzarr, Pwint Hpyu Chang (Zun Baina), Mingyalagyi, Labawza, Kayoung Chaung and etc.

In Maungdaw, more than  400 army are rounding in the rural areas to show the Rohingya people  to follow their order in the census process and some Rakhine people also  moving in the rural areas of Maungdaw north, said Kaseem, trader from Ngakura village.


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