Akyab (Sittwe), Arakan State: Killing, torching houses and looting the properties of the Rohingyas have been continued in Sittwe and Maungdaw by police, Hluntin and a group of Rakhine racists, said a trader from Sittwe.

“Today at about 11:30 am, the villages of Moliek, Hoshai Para, Amla Para, and Kun Dan Ward of Sittwe were torched by a group of Rakhine racists with the cooperation of police and Hluntin. Police and Hluntin fired on to the villages while the Rakhines set on fire to the Rohingya villages.

Some of the houses were burnt down into ashes and some people were killed and wounded by the firing of police and Hluntin.

According to different sources, Nur Jahan (70), daughter of Kader, Thura Shwe (8), son of U Tin Shwe and his twin sister Ma Ni Ni, Daw Lun Lun (29), daughter of Nuru Uddin and her sister Sajida (23), Daw Hla Thein (53), daughter of U Maung Pru, Maung Tu Shay were killed. They all are from Padi Like village.

Besides, from Rohingya village, Moluvi, Noor Hussain (32), son of Saley Ahamed, Imam (religious leader), Jalal (56), son of U Maung Bra, Khalu Maung (a) Aye Tun, son of Md. Ali. They are one family members and belong to Saccay Pyin village. They whole family members of advocate U Kyaw Myint were also killed by police and Hluntin.

In addition, Majibur Rahaman (24) son of Abdur Rahaman was shot dead by police and Tasmin Juhar (28) son of Anwar, Sadek Hussain (18) son of Kader (student) and Younus (14) son of Abdur Rahaman were wounded. They all belong to Kun Dan Ward of Sittwe.”

Yesteday, 21 Rohingyas from Sittwe were wounded by police and sent to Sittwe General Hospital for medical treatment, but all were dead for critical wounded, said a villager.

Amla Para Madrassa, Mosque of Kyaung Gyi Lan, Mosque and Madrassa of Kun Dan Ward, Mosque of Moliek, Mosque of Buhar Para, Mosque of Santawli, Mosque of Hoshai Para village, Mosque of Rohingya Para and Mosque of Bowmay Para were destroyed by police, Hluntin and Rakhines. The Nazir Para market was also burnt down.

According to sources, two police personnel and eight Rakhines were killed by army while they were firing to Rohingya villages and torching houses. The reason is that an army was killed by firing of police accidentally.

After the accident, Rohingya villages are under the control of army. However, the dead bodies of Rohingyas and the villagers of Nazir Para are brought to Thee Chaung village which is situated nearby the ocean.

Rohingyas are now in panic-stricken as well as they have no food, no rations, no medical access, said a villager who didn’t mention his name.

Recently, more than 11 engine boats with over 500 Rohingyas including women and children were floating in the Naff River. They try to land on Bangladesh soil but the authorities of Bangladesh don’t allow them. They are suffering from crisis of food, water and medicine.

In Maungdaw, Md. Zinna (50), son of Kasim, Jamil Hassan (25), son of Deen Mohamed, Azizul Hassan (20), Younus, Zahir Ahamed, Nurul Alam and four others were taken away by police and kept in police station where they were not provided adequate food, said an elder from Maungdaw.

Yesterday, an older woman accompanied by her daughter was shot dead by army while they were crossing from one house to another at about 7:00 pm. They belong to Honsara village of Zaw Mathet village tract, Maungdaw Township.

One youth named Hussain Ahamed 25 son of Nazir Hussain of north Ngakura village of Maundaw township was stabbed to death by Rakhine villagers while returning from his father-in-law’s house at 5:00 pm. He was newly married.

In Maungdaw south, Natala villagers tried to arson attack to a Rohingya village named Aley Than Kyaw. But, they were caught by army on the way and sent to the Nasaka camp. The Natala villagers are from Senda Para village, said a villager

Md. Khan, Hasina, wife of Md. Ali and Nurul Islam were picked up by police at night. They all belong to Bomu Para.

Jamil Ahmed and his son Yasin and another two villagers were also picked up by police in the evening today. They belong to Ward No. 5.

Another five villagers from Ward No. 4 were picked up by police today evening and four other Rohingya villagers were also brought to Maundaw town from the southern side Maungdaw. They all were sent to Maundaw police station, but reason is unknown, sources said.

Two Rakhine youths dressed with army uniforms entered the Rohingya Bagguna village and looted ornaments from Ms. Morina Khatun, Ms. Laruni and Ms. Toyuba Khatun and ran way.


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