Five years after the August 2017 genocidal operations against
Rohingya in Burma’s Arakan State, the Norwegian foreign ministry’s
OECD national contact point (NCP1) has released their final report
improperly absolving Telenor of any responsibility for what took place
at a tower that was part of Telenor’s network which was used by
soldiers to kill and wound Rohingya civilians. In the original complaint
made to the NCP, Rohingya genocide survivors described how
Government military personnel climbed the tower that is part of
Telenor’s cellular network in Alethankyaw village, south of Maungdaw,
and used it as a “vantage point to kill fleeing Rohingya men, women
and children”.

Even though the NCP admitted that Telenor is “directly linked” to what
happened at the tower, the NCP went on to absolve Telenor from
responsibility, stating: “the NCP finds that it was not reasonable to
expect Telenor to foresee [in August 2017] the misuse of
telecommunication towers by third parties for harmful purposes”.
CSJA finds this NCP position indefensible, given that beforehand,
in February 2017, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human
Rights (OHCHR) had clearly exposed the Burma Army’s systematic
atrocities against the Rohingya in their 2016 clearance operations.

To read more detail the statement, Please click here.



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