By Min Khant

Professor Dr.Jacque P. leider, who has been one of the staunchest and anti Rohingyas giant, being cooperated with Dr. Aye Chan, was appointed as the advisor to the United Nations Coordinator in Myanmar by Ms. Rentals Lok Dessallen.
The said pessimistic intellectual has firstly held a seminar at France cultural centre, Yangon, Myanmar in the year 2012, advocating the beauty and impressive of Mrauk Oo periods  and on the other hand demeaning Rohingyas as immigrants from neighboring country in his articulation in that mini-work shop together with a handful Rakhine hardliners audience.

In that discussion, he has earned a lot of pledges from the audience and round of applause to continue the job which could consequently disgrace the Rohingyas people into risk by his skilful fake and mixed mythical invention with the help of insincere coordinated Rakhine chronicle tellers.

Again, on 09 March 2013, professor Jacque has participated at a seminar in Bangkok, at Mahidol University in regards “Rakhine culture and historical background” in which U Aye Chan, a Rakhine professor from Kanda University of Japan, has delivered a speech in a short history of Rakhine about the second world war and later on he has got encountered to questioner U Htay Lwin Oo, who has brought and presented a pile of books which are all full of primary documents rather than secondary in regards Rohingyas. U Htay Lwin Oo has been advocating the Rohingyas affairs as well as general Muslim suffering of Myanmar.

Moreover, date on February 7, 2014, at Chula Lanker University of Bangkok, there was a lobby which was sponsored and initiated by a Canadian Professor under the banner of “Rohingya consequences and implication”, where the freelance photographer; Mr.Creg Constantine has demonstrated all the miserable photos of oppressed Rohingyas which has actually heartened the audience how an amount of ‘men made mess’ the Rohingyas being suffered in the hands of Myanmar central government and Rakhine people.

But when rotate came to Dr. Jacque around he has started to twist all the historical background existence in regard Rohingyas. He has concluded that Rohingyas are immigrants to Arakan, Rakhine state and the Rohingya identity itself has been the creation of the third generation of Chittagonians, particularly Mr. A. Gaffar and Mr.Ba Thar, after the birth of Burma’s independence in around 1950s.

So, Professor Dr. Jacque P. Leider is a proven bias intellectual guise against Rohingyas people and their existence in Arakan, Rakhine state. Rakhine and Myanmar government have completed a master-plan to eradicate Rohingyas which was approved recently by the parliaments & the Presidential office as a disenfranchised people who have nowhere to go on this earth apart from Rakhine state. He, Jacque has academically and intentionally chosen a way of Rakhine people and the central government which has openly wedged the “annihilation plan” against Rohingyas amidst from the international regular pressure and that of gradual excellent mediation.

Knowing all Rakhine inhumane conspiracies against Rohingyas by the international community or the United Nations body, selecting such a crooked bias intellectual as an advisor to advocate Rakhine sentiment and attitude to the world highest body is totally contradictory to the original nature of the United Nations characteristic & existence and such a selection strikes entire Rohingyas people ‘bogged down’ and unfortunate.

Owing to his prejudice nature, Mr. Leider’s future attempt or the consultative mechanism due to “Rakhine & Rohingyas unsolved problem” will not produce any good results in the way ahead instead the already achieved some agreements   between the United Nations body and government of Myanmar for many years in the past will be perished or restarted from the position horrific beginning.

If Dr. Leider starts the work from the point the United Nations has already achieved some pledges which are unknown in public, then it is not a problem. But while he was chosen by the UN body under the covert arrangement of high level Rakhine conspirators who favor Rakhine desire only, how could he start his UN assigned job from the right point? No way at all. Now, the entire United Nations works concerning Rakhine state are in the wrong direction.

Was he hired by the organization to design Rohingyas as Bengali immigrants (or) to persuade Rohingyas in the grassroots level to be confessing as Bengali through one way or another meeting after meeting with them (Rohingyas) in township after township? What a conspiracy and how dare he is to champion this disgusted employment at this serious condition?

As a matter of fact, he doesn’t have knowledge nor take ever a small step to try to expose the ancient history of Arakan or the great Arakanese History of before 10th century. If he goes as back as 10th century then the history of the region will prove exactly that the ancient inhabitants of Arakan are nowadays Rohingyas people. Or Rohingyas are anyhow earlier settlers than Rakhine Maugh or Arakanese Buddhists i.e. Rohingyas are the senior citizens and they are not immigrants in Arakan state as accused by Rakhine but of course Rakhine are the later settlers in Arakan.

Let’s not mistake with the religions that nowadays Rohingyas who believe Islam once had been for a periods as Hindu believers after that Buddhists until 12th century. Rakhine Buddhists aren’t bloodily inter-related with the Danyawadi or Vaseili Periods inhabitants.

Rakhine people (Mongoloid descendants) just believing the religion of Buddhism, genealogically they aren’t interrelated  with “Chandra dynasty” of Vaisali period’s populace (Indo-Aryan descendants) in Arakan before 10th century who once had believed in Hindu religion and afterward some converted to Buddhism.

Ordinary Rakhine are simply confused that because of their born religion as Buddhism, and while the religion they first found in Arakan was Buddhism at a time in their entry into Arakan in 12th century, they thought that Buddhism only belongs to them. In reality, in old days, Rohingyas, who had believed at first Hinduism and then Buddhism, have started to practice Islam after abandoning both religions since the year 1202.

To settle down this outstanding hitch, my idea to Dr. Jacque P. Leider is to dispose of illicit mentality which does not allow you to agree all the time to believe the identity ‘Rohingyas’, please try to understand and accept universal acceptance which prescribed in “ first year text book Module No. geog. 1004 Geography of Myanmar, Code No. (48) B” by the native intellectual professor Daw Htay Htay, Head of Department, Department of Geography, Yangon University of Distance Education.

In that book, page on 61, it stated that “Along the border of Myanmar where mountain barriers do not hinder movement of population, minority groups are found on either side of the boundary.  A small ethnic group named ‘Young’ who lives in northern Thailand, Laos and northern Vietnam can be found in Kyaington of southern Shan State. The Kokant Chinese group is found east of the Thanlwin River at Kokant Township. In northern Rakhine State close to the border with Bangladesh at Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships are where the Rohingyas and Chittagonians live. These minority ethnic groups had settled in the border regions since early days”. This is the strongest message for those who persistently deny the existence of Rohingyas and shame for the ones who do not want to accept the reality yet.

Raising the slogan of influx of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh some of the extremist Arakanese and Burmese leaders and foreign officials have wrongly represented that the Rohingyas of Arakan are Bangladeshi. They also insist that there are no words like Rohang and Rohingya found in Arakanese and Burmese histories. The Arakanese and Burmese chronicles derogatorily mentioned the Rohingyas as Kala.

The Rohingyas are not an outcome of some sudden occurrences. It was the result of an age long intercourse between Arakan and Muslim countries that dates back to the periods of Arabs contact with Arakan which came into contact with the Arabs as early as the 7th century A.D.  The Arakanese chronicles mention the first Muslim settlements in Arakan during the rule of Mahatainchandra (788-810 A.D), the king of Vaisali.

For one’s easy reference, a simple record of more than 200 years ago Dr.Francis Buchanan wrote an article entitled “A comprehensive Vocabulary of some of the languages spoken in the Burma Empire”, published in 1799 in the fifth Volume of Asiatic Researches. This article provides one of the first major western surveys of the languages of Burma. In this article he mentioned that there are the Rooingyas (Rohingyas), the natives of Arakan and he also gave ‘50’ words of Rohingya language.

Therefore, as the anti- Rohingya campaign has been continuously escalating the unfound accusation in regard Rohingyas continuation, neither Mr. A. Ghaffar nor U Ba Thar invented the word Rohingya but they researched it and found it.

Until British first initiative for a permanent demarcation between Bengal and Arakan state, the southeastern Bengal and Arakan state had been a single state and that of the people have had a dynamic interconnection in terms of culture, custom, trade, art, literature and so on for a long periods.

To have correct historical background regarding southeastern Bengal and the state of Arakan, the book “Chattagram Rosain Tattva”, written by Abdul Rashid Siddique and “Arakan Rajsabhaya Bangla Sahitya” compiled by Dr. Enamul Haque & Adbul Karim Sahitya visharad may provide a sensible source for any hardworking scholar.
Whereas the United Nations organization commitment stands for permanent justice, equality, prestige, safety and security of the people of the world, and if Dr. Jacque is verified for the part of Arakanese Buddhist people advocacy in the UN, then to have an equal balance there should be a fair minded professor from the world body to be hired for the betterment of the faultless project.


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