The Price of Hatred

Dr. Habib Siddiqui

In our time there is no denying of the enormous influence of the social media employing web- and mobile-based technologies to support interactive dialogue and communication between organizations, communities and individuals. Thus, mass communication which was once a very expensive avenue to propagate one’s views is now almost a free item.  Social media are also unregulated in most parts of our world, thus, allowing every John or Jane Doe to express and share his or her views on any matter big or small whether or not he or she is qualified or knowledgeable on such matters. It is, therefore, possible that while expressing one’s unfiltered views others can feel abused, demeaned and hurt. And consequently, those feeling hurt, demeaned or abused can react either proportionately or disproportionately, which can turn into violence.
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Dr. Habib Siddiqui

Myanmar (formerly Burma) is going through a deep crisis in dealing with ethnic conflicts, especially in its western Rakhine (formerly Arakan) state. To find probable solutions to the existing problems, Arakan Rohingya Organization – Japan (JARO) and Rohingya National Organization in Thailand (RNOT) jointly sponsored an International Rohingya Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. The theme of the conference was “Contemplating Burma’s Rohingya People’s Future in Reconciliation and (Democratic) Reform.”  Continue reading “”

Religious persecution intensified alongside ethnic-cleansing in Arakan

ARNO Statement on the current situation in Arakan, dated 23, August 2012

  • Since June brutal violence, the Burmese security forces barred the Muslim Rohingyas from worshipping in mosques across Rakhine (Arakan) State. The authorities have shut down almost all mosques in northern Arakan while prohibiting the daily 5 time congregational prayers. During the holy month of Ramadan the clampdown intensified. On the Annual Eid Festival Day of 20 August, the anxious Muslims have to remain inside their homes without congregating for prayers.

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Myanmar: Abuses against Rohingyas erode human rights progress


20 July 2012

Myanmar: Abuses against Rohingyas erode human rights progress

Six weeks after a state of emergency was declared in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, targeted attacks and other violations by security forces against minority Rohingyas and other Muslims have increased, Amnesty International said today.
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Media Statement – Support for Rohingya

Restless Beings Rohingya Press Conference

Monday 23rd July, 2012


Brady Arts Centre

192-196 Hanbury Street  Stepney, London E1 5HU.

Restless Beings is an international human rights organisation and the leading UK charity to be championing Rohingya human rights. With over 80,000 new website hits in the last few weeks alone and a growing social media following we are determined to ensure the Rohingya voice is heard.

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Machete Massacre in Arakan: The Hidden Face of Burma Exposed.

Abid Bahar

From the military leadership down to NASAKA, the Rakhine police, in the civilian front RNDP and even some leaders closely working with Aung San Suu Kui, the problem with the Rohingya people have been seen as a case of dealing with”illegal immigration” of Bengali people to Arakan. Fortunately, contemporary research on Rakhine-Rohingya relations shows it is not about illegals in Arakan, Burma, it is about intolerance to a people, who are racially, culturally and religiously different from the mainstream racially mongoloid Rakhine-Burmese people.
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58 Civil Society Organisations Deeply Concerned by Ongoing Violence Against Stateless Rohingya in Myanmar and Their Refoulement From Bangladesh

The stateless Rohingya of Myanmar have suffered from extreme persecution and discrimination for decades. They are now facing another crisis. On 3 June inter-communal violence erupted, and this has evolved into large-scale state sponsored violence against the Rohingya. Despite this, neighbouring Bangladesh is not allowing them to enter to seek refuge. The Rohingya population needs urgent measures to be taken for their protection.
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