U San Lwin, Major, director, the Burma border guard police (BGP) headquarters leased confiscated arable land of Rohingyas and collect leased remaining money after harvest time money, but, this year the villagers who used the land were not able to pay the leasing money as the villagers are not able to stay in their village, said Halim, the human rights watch dog from Maungdaw.But, the BGP director forced the villagers of -Min Gah La Gyi ( Mun Gala Gee), Kyauk Hlai Khar (Dar Gua Dil), Zai Paing Nyar, Pound Zarr ( Ashika para) and Hlabawzarr- to harvest the arable land which had already reap the paddy. The BGP chief ordered to villages admin officer to send 10 per village for 10 days, Halim more added.

The villagers who came to harvest the reaping paddy, were got 10,000 kyats per day per person. The village admin officers had to pay the money and paddy will go to their headquarters, the suffer villagers had to pay 5000 kyats per house, Halim added more.
The village admin officers had to pay 10 per person each, from five villages the admin had to pay 50 persons, but village admin officers earned from suffering villages more thousands of kyats to their pockets, said Jafor, a ex- teacher from the affected areas.

Leasing villages are Waback and Kyi Kan Pyin ( Kawa bil) – totally burnt the villages by armed forces, said Jafor.


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