Kaladan Press Network (KPN) is an independent and non-profitable news agency of Rohingyas of Arakan, Burma. It was established on 21st February 2001 by some Rohingyas in exile based in Chittagong, Bangladesh. It covers the news on Burma and Burma related issues in general and on Arakan, Rohingya and Rohingya related issues in particular. It maintains accurate, balanced, authentic and reliable news. It produces news both in English and Burmese and provides to various organizations and peoples across the world through the electronic media. It has also printing media.

It is working collaboratively with other news groups, democratic and Human Rights groups releasing real, accurate, current news of Arakan and Burma including all kinds of news.

Kaladan Press Network is aiming to develop its news media network of the Rohinya people, since Rohingya have less opportunity for freedom of expression and other fundamental rights and freedom in their homeland.

Kaladan Press Network maintains its website since April 15, 2004 regularly. It has included various reports, photos, articles, and features on Rohingya, Arakan, Burma. A good number of people and organizations are daily visiting its website from various parts of the world.

It serves as one of the sources of information from Arakan for international community and other Burmese people.  It is trying to improve its works in term of quality and quantity. It is now in close cooperation and sharing information with other partner news organizations.

It publishes a monthly journal since December 2005 under the title of “Kaladan Monthly Journal”.

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