Teknaf, Bangladesh: Eighty two Rohingyas, who illegally entered Bangladesh from Burma, were pushed back to their country by the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) yesterday evening, according to BGB source.
“The Rohingyas were detained by the 42 Battalion of the BGB from border areas of Teknaf upazila under the Cox’s Bazar district on January 10 and 11.

BGB source said, a mobile team of Teknaf BOP (Border Out-Post) detained 18 Rohingyas from border areas yesterday morning.

Shapuri Dip BOP detained 64 Rohingyas including men, women and children on Friday night during another drive.

The Rohingyas crossed the Naf River into Bangladesh using small boats and were heading for the Rohingya refugee camp, sources said.

Teknaf BGB 42 Battalion Commander Lt. Col Abuzar Al Jahid said the detained Rohingyas were sent back to their country, after giving them humanitarian aid, yesterday evening.

“We are facing ongoing discriminatory state policies, including restrictions upon marriage and  births, forcible displacement and other crimes, making us jobless and have no access to do anything to support our family members,” said a  village elder on condition of anonymity.

Government-imposed restrictions on the movement of Rohingyas have confined many of them to displacement camps with awful conditions.

Burma’s democratic transition has also caused insecurity of Rohingyas, though the government has permitted greater freedom of expression and allowed for political debate; Buddhist chauvinists have been able to exploit this newly-opened space. Political reforms have not reduced the risk of mass atrocities against the vulnerable minority of Rohingyas, sources said.


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