Teknaf, Bangladesh:  39 Rohingyas were pushed back to Burma by Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and another 8 were sent to jail by police on April 4, evening after they were arrested by Bangladesh authorities, according to BGB and police sources.
“The 39 Rohingyas were arrested by BGB from Balu Khali, Gumdom and Dom Dom Meah points of Burma-Bangladesh border areas in the morning while penetrating to Bangladesh. Another 8 Rohingyas were also arrested by police near Sha Amanot Bridge, near Chittagong city in the morning on April 4.”

The 39 arrestees were pushed back to Burma in the evening by BGB personnel after supplying some food and medicines, but the 8 other arrested by police were sent to Bakoliya police station to take legal action against them.

The Officer in Charge (OC) of Bakolia police station, Mohammad Mohsin said that the 8 Rohingyas were brought into the country with promises of jobs in exchange for money by Hossain Mohammad Jasim, 22, who is from Cox’s Bazar, a broker or agent and they will be punished according to law.

The BGB 17 Battalion Commander Lt Col Khondakar Saiful Alam said, “The 39 Rohingyas were pushed back to Burma on that day evening by giving some food and some humanitarian aid.”

The arrestees by police  are identified as —– Ms Suria Khatoon (40),  Ms Anwara Begum (40), Md. Ayas (16), Md. Tofa (18), Md. Ershad (16), Md. Younous (14), Md. Mujbul Rahman (16), and Md. Hasim (13), according to police official.

The arrested Rohingyas however claimed before the media that they came to Bangladesh for medical treatment but the police said they did not have any legal documents.

Rohingyas (Myanmarnese)  are fleeing from their country because of the unrest and illegally entering Bangladesh; some organised gangs are taking advantage of these illegal migrants, according to Mohammad Mohsin, the police officer of Bakolia.

A Rohingya elder from border said, “All the youths are schools going age, and why they are fleeing from their mother land. It is an important matter.”


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