After Aung San Su Kyi visits Maungdaw, one village burn down

One Rohingya village – Thu Oo Lah (Kolla Bill) was burned down today ( November 2, 2017) at 9:00pm after visiting of the state counsellor and Union Enterprises for Humanitarian System, Resettlement and Development (UEHRD) Chairman– Aung San Su Kyi –had visited Maungdaw, said Halim, a human rights watchdog from Maungdaw.Aung San Su Kyi –had visited Maungdaw today morning and met Rohingya community in Pandaw Pyin (Nolbanna) where she explain development and structure of village- discuss with villagers through translator, said a village elder from the village.

The authority called the villagers who are not able to speak Burmese to show the international community that the Rohingya are not able to speak, not called the educated person from the village to discuss the development of village with together village structure, the elder more added.

Aung San Su Kyi came to Maungdaw today and discuss with people about development, resettlement and humanitarian system, but, the authority are forcing Rohingya community to receive NVC – National Verification Certificate- or leave the country; not allowing to harvest their paddy; restriction of movement imposed which faced starvation; no assessment humanitarian aid; no security and burning the remaining village, Halim said.

On other hand, a group of high level army officers came to Border Guard Police Headquarters where the officers called the remaining villagers from Labow Zarr, Mingalah Gyi,Poungzarr,Kanyin Chaung, and etc. to the BGP Headquarters where the Rohingya villagers were threaten not to say the army were burning the villages, Halim more added.

The authority are pressured Rohingya community to leave their home land with harassment of their daily life struggle situation, so the Rohingya are compile to leave their home land, said Haroon a student from Maungdaw.

More than10,000 Rohingya community stranded at Anjumen Para in Bangladesh today for fear of attack by security forces with non Rohingya community and starvation, Ahmed Husson, a fleeing Rohingya from Anjumen Para.

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