Breaking News: 11 Rohingya youths swim to across Naff river

11 Rohingya youths swam with plastic gallons, crossed Naff river on October 11, Hussain Ahmed from Shapuridip said.

Rohingya Youths crossed Naf River with plastic gallons

The Coastguards from Bangladesh saw the Rohingya youths who were swimming in the middle of Naf River at around 9:30 am and the coastguards rescued them from Naf River, Hussain Ahmed said.

They started their journey from Nakkhondia’s shore, Alay Than Kyaw BGP reginal area number 7 at around 7:00am and were swimming for three hours to cross the Naf river where the Bangladesh coastguard rescued, according to Rohingya youths.

BGB escorted Rohingya youths swimmer to health center

“We cross the Naff river with plastic gallons as no boats had seen sailing to Nakkhondia from Bangladesh side and our parents and children are suffering from starvation and diarrhea in Nakkhondia’s shore.”

“We need boats for those people and save their lives where hundreds of people are waiting in Nakkhondia’s shore to cross Naf River and to come Bangladesh,” the youths added,

According to Bangladesh coastguard official, the Rohingya youths were handed over to Border guard of Bangladesh (BGB) for treatment as they had seen so tried.


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