Authority remove villages’ information board in Maungdaw

The authority of Maungdaw- Township Administration office and District Administration office with other official- are removing the information board from village since October 9, according to Halim, a Human Rights watchdog from Maungdaw.“Authority are removing the information board which was set up in the entrance of village which contained the house hole number, population number, male, female and kids number,” said Halim.

The villagers, who saw the authority remove the information board, are become frightened and thinking what will happen to their village and try to leave the village, Halim more added.

The authority is trying to show the visitors, journalists that the place has no village and it is a garden which was burn down by Rohingya, Kamal Ahmed, a student from Maungdaw said.

The authority had cut down every burned trees and structure of house from burned villages by security forces and non-Rohingya community to change the geography of village structure since October 3, said Kamal Ahmed.

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