Authorities clearing burned villages in Maungdaw

Since October 3, 2017, Maungdaw township authorities and Border Guard Police have been jointly organizing the clearing of burned Rohingya villages in Maungdaw, according to Halim, a Human Rights watchdog from Maungdaw.Burned trees and building ruins have been cleared in seven villages in Border Guard Region Number 6, north of Maungdaw town, including Zin Paing Nyar, Pyin Hpyu,Min Galar Gyi, Doe Tan, Hla Poe Kaung, Kyauk Hlay Kar and Haw Ri Tular Halim added.

The inhabitants of the cleared villages have all fled to other villages or to Bangladesh, Amin, said Jalil, a former school teacher.

According to the land law, any burned areas automatically become government property.

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