Refugees face difficulties to repair huts

Mostly unofficial Rohingya refugees are facing problems and difficulties to repair their huts due to financial crisis, Rahamat Ullah from Balukhali makeshift camp said.The huts of refugees were devastated by the heavy winds and rain (Cyclone Mora) on May 30, 2017, Rahamat added.

A woman named Sura Khatun (50), wife of Kula Meah, said that her hut was destroyed by the Cyclone Mora. She is not able to build it again for cause of money.

She also said that her husband is blind and she has no elder son to feed them and all of the family members are female.

When asked another refugee woman Manjuma from Kutupalong makeshift camp, she said that she got some money from a donor and then she can repair her house.

Most of the refugees’ huts are affected – 80 % of huts had no roof and 60% of huts destroyed – by cyclone Mora. The refugees are not able to rebuild their huts for financial crisis.

Some donors had given to build the refugees’ huts, most of the materials were gone to camp management committee to distribute and only a few people get the building materials to build their huts, said Hamid Hussion, from the camp.

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