Village administrators summoned at BGP camp in Maungdaw south

All Village Administration officers including village elders under the Border Guard Police of Burma (BGP) area No. 7, Maungdaw south were summoned for meeting on the present situation on May 20, Rukon, a village elder from Maungdaw said.
In the meeting, the BGP officer from area number 7 discussed many issues with village leaders regarding the present situation of Arakan State, Rukon said.

The Village Admin Officers and village elders from Honsara village, Chein Khar Li village, Than Dar village, Warr Cha village, Madian Para, Kan Hpu (Khonzabill) village and Aley Than Kyaw, participated in the meeting, held at high school of Aley Than Kyaw, said Mohin, a Rohingya activists.

According to participants, the BGP officer told them, who accept NVC card, can able to go forest for collecting fire woods and river for fishing.

A Village Admin Officer, Biala asked the BGP officer that all villagers need to wake up at midnight during next coming the holy fasting month, need permission for it.

The BGP officer said, “You can wake but don’t give shelter any strangers in the villages.” If anyone provide shelter strangers, he/she will be punished according to law. The villages will be burnt down like Maungdaw north.

Many villagers say, it is another tactic of the government to  increase more harassment against the Rohingya villagers in future.

“They authority called the meeting not to provide shelter to those people in the villages who are working against government  but should pay sentry in the villages for security and informed,” said a politician who denied to be named.

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