Soldiers arrest three Rohingya youths in Maungdaw

Burmese soldiers raided the village of Tolatoli in Bolibazar of Maungdaw north on May 12, after firing randomly and arrested three innocent Rohingya youths without any allegation, a village elder Kasem from Tolatoli village said.  They were arrested by army while coming back from a mosque nearby after Friday prayer at noon. After the arrest, the fate of the three Rohingya youths is still unknown, for which, villagers are in thrilling fear of staying at homes in their own villages, he more added.

In Maungdaw Township, raids, arrests, random firing and money extortion from Rohingya villagers have been occurred in daily basis by the Burmese security forces.  These security forces have been deployed by the government for protection of Rohingya people in the region, but they harass Rohingya villagers whenever they want to commit, said Nazir from the locality.

After 9 October attack, the Burmese government deployed army in Maungdaw district and Rethadaung Township to crackdown Rohingya militants, but the security forces are crashing the innocent Rohingya civilians—by killing, raping, looting properties, putting on fire houses and villages. This causing about 75,000 Rohingya villagers to flee across the border to Bangladesh for taking shelter, Nasir more added.

But, until now, the Burmese security forces have been arresting Rohingya villagers by giving various allegations and extorting money. How the Rohingya villagers will survive in their homeland.

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