Police extort money in Buthidaung

A  police officer in Buthidaung extorted money from local Rohingyas by giving accusation that they have link with Rohingya militants who had attacked BGP out-posts including headquarters on  9th October, 2016 in Maungdaw, Zabbar Ali from Buthidaung Town said.
The police officer is Maung Maung from the Buthidaung police station accusing local people, shopkeepers and businessmen of having connections in the 9 October attack to extort money from the people, he more added.

Since May 10, the police officer along with some village administrators and yes men from across the township has been taking notes to identify helpless Rohingyas from whom money can be extorted with any unacceptable reason, another village elder named Sultan said from Buthidaung east.

Because of this operation, Rohingyas villagers are in fear and threat of any form of abuses and tortures. Some of the victims have already paid money to police officer from Kyats 500,000 to 800,000 per each, he more added.

The appalling operation was carried out on May 10, in the villages of Sin Daung, U Hla Pay, Hang Dong, Yaung Choung and Longya Dong, a businessman Mogul Ahmed said from Yaung Chaung village.

The concerned authorities always think that to do a bad thing against the Rohingya community that will harmful to Rohingya community. They never thought to do a good thing for the Rohingya community, said a businessman from Buthidaung Township.

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