Military block street in Maungdaw north

Military blocked street and harassing the Rohingya villagers in Maungdaw north since May 15, Pertaz, a villager from Maungdaw said.
On May 15, morning, a group of military personnel went to Kazabill (Sa Pai kone) and Hartgozza Para (villages) and harassed the villagers on the road while they were going to and from of the villages. The military personnel also checked the bodies of the villagers and beat up without giving any reason, whenever they met villagers on the street, Pertaz added.

According to villagers, the military blocked the road from the morning; so, no one can go for working. Even, the villagers can’t move from one place to another.

Roshan, a daily worker said, “I want to go to forest to collect firewood this morning. I’m unable to go there because of fear of arrest and torture by the military.”

Similarly, many daily workers were not able to go to work for their survival, Roshan added.

The harassment and persecutions are being increased day by day against the Rohingya villagers by the military and BGP security forces, said a Village Admin Officer on condition of anonymity.

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