BGP harass Rohingya villagers in Maungdaw

Shilkhali Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) outpost under the Aley Than Kyaw BGP camp is harassing the Rohingya villagers in Maungdaw south recently, Reka, a villager from Maungdaw said.
The BGP personnel from Shilkhali outpost frequently asking fowls and other kinds of demands -money, force labor and meat from the villages, where the villagers are not able to pay all their demands, so villagers refused to fulfill all the demands, said Reka more.

On May 9, 2017, a group of police personnel went to Khan Hpoo village (Khonzabill) and harassed the villagers and asked some fowls from the villagers, but the villagers refused, then the police personnel opened fire killed some fowls in front of the villagers, Reka added.

The team was led by a BGP officer Tun Tin of Shilkhali BGP outpost.

The village elders of Khan Hpoo told the BGP officer Tun Tin not to kill fowls but the BGP officer rebuked them, Mohin from Maungdaw said.

Similarly, BGP and military personnel also harass Rohingya villagers in Maungdaw north without giving reason, Mohin further said.

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