Camp police severely beat three refugee women

Three Rohingya refugee women were severely beaten up in the camp by the camp police of Nayapara official camp on May 2, in the evening, Kamal Hussain from the Nayapara camp said.
The victims were identified as Sayeda— Khatun (35), wife of Shah Alam, Dilder Begum (18) and Shamzida Begum (16) Daughters of Shah Alam, MRC# 32494, Block-C/854/1, Nayapara camp, Teknaf, he more added.

According to neighboring refugees, there was a dispute between Sayeda and her neighboring refugee regarding that a dog of Sayeda bit a hen of neighboring refugee. The dog is owned by Sayeda.

Being information, a team of police immediately rushed to the spot and investigated the matter. The team was led by the police-in-charge (IC) Mohammed Salim, the refugees added.

However, police solved the problems after taking Taka 2,000 from both of them, but the owner of dog was unable to pay the money immediately that the police demanded, but Sayeda agreed to pay later Taka 1,000, said another refugee.

Hearing it, the police officer angrily entered her shed and dragged out her  along with her two daughters from the shed and then they police severely tortured the mother and daughters in front of the refugees. The victims were admitted in the refugee clinic with critical condition, another refugee more added.

However, the victims complained to the Camp-in-Charge and UNHCR to take action against the police regarding the matter, according to a relative of the victim.

The victims said, “We want judgment of culprits from the UNHCR and Camp-in-Charge.” Why did the police personnel severe torture us?

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