Two dead bodies found in Maungdaw south

Two dead bodies with several stabbed in their bodies were found by villagers at Thawin Chaung village east on May 5, in the morning, said Mohin, a Rohingya well-wisher from Maungdaw south.
The dead bodies were identified as —Arafat Hussain (17), son of Rofique, a Madrasa student, hailed from Thawun Chaung village and another villager was a driver named Armat Ullah (19), hailed from the same village, he added.

The villagers informed to local police station about the dead bodies, a group of police went to the spot and they have investigated the local villagers regarding the event, another villager Hamid said.

Later on, police sent the two bodies to the hospital and the police are investigating according to the law, but the police harassing the villagers more, according to police source.

The said villagers were killed on May 4, around 10:00pm by a group of robbers that was led by Abdul Hakim (40), who is living in Teknaf, a border town of Bangladesh. They were killed by robbers because they chased this group of robbers to arrest those robbers at Thawin Chaung village when they were trying to commit robbery against the villagers on April 18. At that time, the robbers shot to a villager named Moulvi Halim (30), and wounded to his right leg, a villager said who did not say his name for security reason.

Abdul Hakim is a notorious man who killed many villagers of Maungdaw south, kidnapped many villagers and extorted money and robbed many cattle from the villagers. He is originally from Thawin Chaung village and left to Bangladesh since 2008, the villager more said.

He along with his men frequently goes to Maungdaw south with engine boat and rob the villagers. He is an informer of Border Guard Police (BGP) and has understanding with the authority. The BGP do not disturb him while he was committing robbery in the villages, said Jalal (not real name) from the locality.

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