Rakhine’s vehicle kills a cow in Maungdaw south

A vehicle of Rakhine youth hit  and killed a Rohingya’s cow on May 3, while crossing the road, Amin a villager from Maugndaw said.
The cow owner was identified as Toyoub (40), son of Abdul Hakim of Kan Hpoo (Khonzabill village) under the Aley Than Kyaw village tract of Maungdaw township, Amin added.

Mostly, cattle of Rohingya go to hillside for grazing while the Rakhine villagers of Sonmona and Udaung frequently seize the cows of Rohingya from the grazing feild and extort money from the Rohingya, Mohin said from his locality.

Mohin also said, the cattle of Rohingya are not able to go to forest for grazing after crackdown in October 2016.

The owner of the cow said, “I am growing my cow to be sold in the next coming Muslim festival (Eid-ul-Azah) in 2017. At least, I will get benefit 500,000 to 600,000 Kyat after selling it, but I had lost all.”

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