Rakhine village admin officer seizes a Rohingya’s home in Maungdaw

U Tin Maung , Udaung village admin officer, also a Rakhine ethnic seized a  Rohingya widow’s home with land in Maungdaw south on May 3, said Aharaf ,a villager from the locality.
The victim was identified as Dilu (40), daughter of Hamid Hussain, hailed from Udaung village under the Myient Hlut village tract of Maungdaw Township, he added.

Dilu is a widow and begging from village to another village for her survival which made her not able to stay home in daytime, Mohin, a Rohingya well-wisher from Maungdaw south.

The village admin officer seized the widow’s house and land with allegation of she fled to Bangladesh as she is not staying in the home at daytime, Mohin more added.

“Why did the village Admin Officer U Tin Maung seize my home? I want my home immediately,” said the widow.

However, she is still homeless and living in neighboring houses, according to villagers

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