Two unofficial Refugees wounded in road accident

Two unofficial Rohingya refugees of Leda camp (Tal) were hit and wounded by a speedy truck in Leda Station on April 29, Hamid Hussain, a refugee from Leda camp said.
The wounded persons have been identified as— Bodiul Alam (60), son of late Kobir Ahamed and his granddaughter Shaf Noor (6), of Leda unofficial camp (Tal), which is being not registered by the Bangladesh government and UNHCR, Hamid added.

Bodiul Alam along with his granddaughter went to Leda station to buy goods for their kitchen in the evening. They were hit and wounded seriously by a speedy dump truck while they were crossing the Teknaf-Cox’s Bazar highway, another refugee Jamal said.

After incident, they were immediately brought to IOM (International Organization for Migration) clinic center of Leda and admitted there. They are being treated in IOM clinic, Jamal added.
However, the refugees couldn’t catch the driver of the truck as it had gone from the spot quickly after driving. So, they

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