Villager injured by robbers in Maungdaw south

A villager was injured by robbers during his attempt to arrest robbers at Thawan Chaung village of Maungdaw Township, on April 19, said Jamir from the village.
The injured villager was identified as Moulvi Hamid (30), hailed from Thawan Chaung village and was wounded in his right leg, he more added.

A group of armed men reached the village, on April 19, so the villagers tried to arrest them and chased the robbers, and they fired three shots to the villagers and fled away from the scene. By shooting of Robbers, one villager named Moulvi Hamid was wounded, according to Burmese security official.

Before on that day, in the morning, about 15 robbers went to Thawan Chaung village of Maungdaw south with two boats from Teknaf. One was led by gang leader Abdul Hakim (30) and another engine boat was led by other 8 members, a local from Teknaf said on condition of anonymity.

However, on April 19, the 8 members’ engine boat was seized by Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) at Bangladesh side. After arrest, they were severely tortured by BGB and sent to Cox’s Bazar jail through Teknaf police station.  From the robbers, the BGB seized long swords, knives and axes from the boat, a resident Jalal from Shafiri Dip said.

But, the engine boat, which was led by robbers’ leader Abdul Hakim was safely crossed the Naff River and now he is in Teknaf under the protection of local leaders. He is a most dangerous gang leader and killed many people in Maungdaw south.  He is accompanied by his five brothers and has also connection with commander of Burma border guard police – BGP of Maungdaw south, according to villagers.

Abdul Hakim was born and grow up in Thawan Chaung under Maungdaw south, but after living in the village, his family was harassed authority and attend to arrest, so flee to Bangladesh and become a robber with a group of Bangladesh local people, according to the villagers and Teknaf local people.

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