BGP extorts village quack doctor in Maungdaw

A group of Border Guard Police (BGP) personnel arrested a village quack doctor and extorted Kyat 500,000 in Maungdaw south on April 20, Ruman, a relative of victim said.A group of BGP personnel from Aley Than Kyaw camp accompanied by a collaborator went to Kan Hpoo village and arrested a doctor quack named Yasin over the allegation that he has been exercising in the villages as a quack doctor without taking permission from the concerned authorities, Ruman added.

The quack doctor is identified as Mohamed Yasin (35), son of Mohamed Shofique, hailed from Kan Hpoo (Khonzabill) village under the Aley Than Kyaw village tract of Maungdaw township, Mohin from Maungdaw said.

Mohin also said that he was severely beaten up by the member of BGP.

On information, the Village Admin Officer of Kan Hpoo went to the spot and solved the problem after paying Kyat 500,000 from the Yasin to BGP, said an aide of the Village Admin Office

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