Village Admin Officer collects money from the villagers

Syed Alam – the Kan Hpoo (Khonzabill) village admin officer under the Aley Than Kyaw village tract- is recently collecting money Kyat 500 per family for family photos, which had been photographed by the concerned authorities in 2016, Mohin, a social worker from Maungdaw south.
These photos were given to Admin Officer to distribute among the villagers, Mohin added.

“It needs money, no need to explain you,” when villagers asked the village admin officer about collecting money, said a villager on condition of anonymity.

The villager also said that the Admin Officer is forcibly collecting money from the poor people and widows while they are facing difficulties with their family members’ survival.

Roma, a daily worker said, thousands of Rohingya villagers have been suffering from their survivals since October 2016 and they are also being restricted of movement and barred from working outside their villages.

Roma further said, the Rohingya are not able to work for their survivals because they are not being given opportunity to work, where will they get money to pay?

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