Tropical diseases spread in Maugndaw south

Tropical diseases such as skin diseases, chickenpox, fever, cough and vomiting have recently spread among the people in Maungdaw south, Fir Ahamed, a local villager from Maugdaw said.

“Mostly children of Kan Hpoo village, Udaung village and Aley Than Kyaw village have been suffering from various diseases in this hot season”, he added.

The health workers from the government hospital of Aley Than Kyaw village tract, were not paying attention the effected children who went to the hospital, said Refan, a father of effected child.

In the health center, most of the staffs are Rakhine community who are not helping to Rohingya community, Refan more added.

Mohin, a Rohingya social worker said that mostly, children (1 to 10 years) have been suffering from diseases such as skin diseases, chickenpox, fever, and cough and vomiting.

Mohin also said that the signs of tropical diseases have been seen in various villages of Rohingyas, but the patients don’t get any help from the government’s side.

However, the Rohingya patients have been taking basic treatment from village quack doctors, Mohin further said

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