Rakhine villagers destroy Rohingya owned thatch farms in Maungdaw south

The thatch farms of Rohingyas had been destroyed by the Natala (Model) villagers of Udaung recently, Mohin from Maungdaw said.
More than 50 Rohingya villagers of Khonzabill village under the Aley Than Kyaw village tract of Maungdaw south have been using nearly 100 thatch farms in hill side since long, he more added.

Over 100 cows are being grazing on the thatch farms and the thatches are also being cut or reaped by the Rakhine villagers, Hussain Ali, an owner of a thatch farm said.

“If the thatch farms are being destroyed by the Rakhine, this year Rohingya villagers will not get thatches from the farms for roofing their houses”, Ali added

Consequently, the Rohingya villagers have to face problem for roofing of houses with thatches as the villagers have to roof their homes every year, Ali further said.

Another owner named Kamal said that the Rakhine villagers claim that the thatch farms are their possession but Rohingya villagers denied it. So, Rakhine villagers are destroying the thatch farms of Rohingyas.

However, some Rohingya villagers told the Rakhine villagers not to demolish the thatch farms but they didn’t pay any attention on it. They also attempted to beat the Rohingya villagers, Kamal added.

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