Authority will provide plot soon to the villagers at Maungdaw

Housing plot will soon provide to War Peik Rohingya villagers in Maungdaw north which were setting on fir on November 12, 2016 by Burmese security force, said Mir Kasim from the village.
The concerned authority is working with heavy construction equipment in reclaiming 24 acres of land – burnt down by Burmese security force – in War Peik village, Kasim added.

According to officials, the authorities are preparing land for about 300 homes for the village that had lost 289 homes in the fire out of a total 389.

As the program is nearly completed, “We set the settlement date for villagers who lost their homes,” explained U Zaw Phyo, the administrator of Keygan Pyin village tract of Maungdaw north.

Under the program, every household will get a (40ft x 60ft) plot in the claimed area which had entrance and departure roads and systematic drainage system.  We will set up more such villages when and where necessary, the village administrator more added.

Villagers said these plots are very small for living. In the rural areas, it is not sufficient for villagers. Villagers have to grow vegetables, to build cow huts, huts for fowls and to grow fruit trees in the compound. It is suitable only for Rakhine people. It is another tactic to push Rohingya villagers into trouble.

The government will provide for financial aid for building houses on the orderly reclaimed plots after the allotment program.

Currently, WFP is providing food for a part of Keygan Pyin and War Peik villages monthly only poor families and chosen under food and program. “We cannot supply food for everyone yet,” said the concerned person of WFP.

During the October violent attacks, setting on fire 12 villages causing loss 1,152 homes, according to official sources. But, according to villagers more than 2,000 homes had been lost.

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