Man found dead in Buthidaung

A body of a man was found in Mayu river of Buthidaung Township on March (30) morning in floating position, said Kalim from Mee Gyaung Gaung Swe village. The dead body was identified as Shibili (53), son of Dalil who was missing from Myoma Ward of Buthidaung Township on March 21, he more added.

His body was found dead in the Mayu River, nearby Dar Paing Saya village with wounds, he further added.

He was missing while visiting his mother-in-law’s house in the village of Mee Gyaung Gaung Swe village since March 21, according to his wife.

Local police station has already filed a process on the murder case for the man. Police get a clue to arrest villagers arbitrarily to extort money from the villagers. They are waiting such kind of opportunity, said an elder Jalal Shah from Myoma Ward.

Villagers do not know who killed the man, so far, a trader from the locality said on condition of anonymity.

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