Army personnel arrest 11-villagers in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Army personnel arrested 11- villager on March 29, at 11:00am t0 3:00pm in Maungdaw north, Helal from the village said.
The army personnel surrounding Laung Don village over the allegation that the said villagers have been linking with Rohingya militants, Helal more added.

The arrested villagers are identified as — Three brothers— Salim (25), Rofigue (23) and Shoffique (10), son of Zakaria; Mohamed Dullah (45) son of Mohammed; Jaffar ( 42), son of Rashidullah; Yasin (18), son of Mohamed Dullah; Idris (20), son of Mohamed Hashim;  Hussain Ahmed (22), son of  Sayed Dullah;  Sayedul Amin (25), son of  Dalbodo; Boni Amin (23), son of U Pe Tin  and Doli Ullah ( 32), son of Abdu Rahman, Sakib from neighboring village.

After arrest, they were brought to unknown location, and the relatives are not able to contact with them, according to a close relative one of the victims.

Army target the young villagers to arrest after October crackdown, it is a new tactic to disturb Rohingya villagers, a businessman said from Maungdaw Town.

Rohingya villagers will not free from harassment of Burmese security forces; they will create this way or that way to harass the Rohingy community. They are human being, how long, they will survive in Arakan, Jamir Hakim said from the locality.

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