Rape victims speak out in front of media groups in Maungdaw north

Three raped Rohingya women spoke out in front of foreign and local journalists and demanded they were on March 31 in Maungdaw north and claimed Myanmar army and security forces raped three months ago, according to local villagers.
The media groups visited BGP headquarters that had been attacked in October 9, and nearby villages in Maungdaw Township such as—Kyee Kan Pyin, Wapeik, Aung Min Gala, Hphar Watt Chaung, Pwint Hpyu  Chaung,  Kyar Gaung Taung,  Kyet Yoe Pyin.  Ngar Sar Kyu, Pyaung Pyit and collected information from them about socio-economic, improvements from residents who had returned after fleeing.

The three women from Kyar Gaung Taung village allegedly told journalists that they were raped by security forces three months ago, the Burmese government defined in the Global New Light of Myanmar on March 31.

The interviewed three Rohingya women were pickup by security force from their village and threatened in many ways in the Burma border force office for not to claim raped by Myanmar army and security forces and at last brought to Maungdaw where Maungdaw District administration officer and Chairman of the Maungdaw District Management of Committee, U Ye Htut, permitted to file case against Myanmar army and security forces, if it is true, then they were released to go to their home, said villagers.

It means that government authorities always try to blame to the local villagers, said an elder from Maungdaw north.

The three women confused to the media regarding the allegation of being raped, he more added.

“If they can say about when and where the event was happened, we can check out list of the officials in that region and try to expose the perpetrators,” he said more.

A youth from Maungdaw said, “During the crackdown period, can a villager is able to go to police station? Even a boy is not allowed to go out of the village. Who are the perpetrators?”

The Yae Khat Chaung Gwa son and Dar gyi Zar villagers show two mass graveyards – who were killed since “Clearance operations” in the villages – to the media and EU delegation, according to the villagers.

If the government is sincere, about 70,000 Rohingya villagers have not to flee to Bangladesh within four months since October 9.

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